A Photographic Journey

A Photographic Journey, Solo Exhibition, October-November, 2018

Artist talk about my work on Peddocks and Georges Islands. Flynn Gallery, Mission Park, Boston, MA

Five years ago I began assembling a body of work culminating in a solo exhibition titled: A Photographic Journey. Sifting through old family pictures of Boston and the harbor islands rekindles my fond memories of growing up ocean-side, and our adventures on Peddocks and Sheep Islands. Although we frequented all the harbor islands, these two were our favorites, and became our summer home.

The numerous harbor islands are all recognized as part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. They have historical features, peaceful wandering paths, rocky shores, and are within close proximity to the mainland. In recent years, my art has been focused on documenting two islands in particular: Peddocks and Georges.

By continuing my art interests and visits to the islands, I’m retracing my past and present and sharing those passions with visitors to Boston and its harbor islands.  http://robinjmf.com/new-work/islands/

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