Self-portraits & Family

Self-portraits have always been part of my art. Photographing myself allows me a picture into my soul. During the time it takes my body and camera to prepare, staging may go quickly and randomly based on a sudden idea, mood, or place. Sometimes the light changes and I’ll try to go with it.

Presently I’m visiting familiar places where I can become part of the texture and color of nature—the camera recording new voyages waiting to be explored. My eyes reveal expressions with subjects and objects that intrigue and draw me in. The variables and unknowns are continual.

Under the Hemlocks in Paper Mask, 16×12 print 24×20 framed

Working from home, journeying through my photographs and sculpture, emotions surface, leading to impromptu sessions staged in my backyard and house. Going through clothes, tools, objects, and masks became a way to convey my feelings during the pandemic.

I’ve inherited many old photographs of my ancestors, many dating from World War II and earlier. The timeless quality and mystery of these pictures welcomed me to greet them with new eyes. Working with the current condition of these photographs, I then added bits of nature, a family heirloom, pictures of different time periods, and other objects relating to my family. These little touches brought them closer to me. I plan to explore and add more about my family history. Family has always been a big part of my art.

Lace of a Bygone Era (grandparents wedding with vintage family lace)