Living on the edge
away for a time
by the wonder
of it all.

~ Robin


Last Rays, 2019, Peddocks Island

“In my photograph, is a place I have been many times and I have never seen the same image twice. I never tire of the ocean and our city in the skyline. It’s anticipated that something magical will happen and often does. I love this one because the beams of light are coming straight in my path. The ocean, rocks, calm of the sun setting…nature is truly genuine in the way it appears to us…” -Robin
Glory Upon Awakening…”Still I Rise”, photograph presented in The Galatea OnLine Gallery, July 1, 2020, 14th Edition, Curated by Marjorie Kaye with excerpts from the poetry of Maya Angelou.


Boston Harbor Islands National Park

Boston Harbor Islands Artist in Residence, Peddocks, August 2019. Self-portrait at yurt.

Dusk – East Head, Peddocks. Top 20 finalist, 2019 Boston Harbor Now Photography Contest.

A Photographic Journey, Peddocks Island,
Flynn Gallery at Mission Park, Boston, MA, 2018

East Head Sunset, Top 20 finalist, 2018 Boston Harbor Now Photography Contest.

Self-portrait at Big Rock

A brief history of island life–early years: Peddocks Island

Peddocks Outhouse early 60s

Georges Island

The Fort Series (selections #1-10) Fort Warren, Georges Island, Boston Harbor, MA

Fort Warren – Granite Archways

Fort Warren – Dark Arch

Georges With City View

Georges Island, Fort Warren with Boston skyline


Channel Islands National Park, California

Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz, Scopian Harbor with Anacapa Island in distance

Santa Cruz Gallery and brief history


Santa Cruz, Prisoners Harbor, Camp Del Norte, July 2013


Anacapa Island

Anacapa, Inspiration Point, November, 2011