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Big Rock

This magnificent pudding stone on Middle Head at Peddock’s Island has been around for a very long time. It was known by us cottage dwellers as The Big Rock. I recall gathering lunch and heading to Big Rock with my siblings and friends. We relied on each other for five finger hoists up, scrambling to the top with our picnic lunches. Here, views of the ocean were meant for day-dreaming. We did a lot of that. When I meet a person exploring the island for the first time, I’ll always guide them here. And one does not have to climb up to experience its presence; this island landmark is a true treasure.

Big Rock East Head Background

Peddock's Circa 1960

Peddock’s Island circa 1960s, oil painting by Josephine Walsh

I love this oil painting by my Aunt Josephine. Both of my aunts on island were artists. I’m pleased to have this painting now. It was created early 1960s. This was the view looking down the path from the Village where our cottage was. In present day, the path is there but everything is grown in and the forts in the distant view on East Head are no longer there. Here is the same view today–photo taken at the base of the path.

Path To Village

Fort Andrews

Fort Andrews 2015

Guard House East Head

Fort Andrews – Former Guard House

Path from East Head toward Village

Path from East Head toward Village

My creative spirit is content walking along the shores and paths of this beautiful island. From one drumlin to the next, the peaceful rugged lifestyle never tires me, no matter how many hours I spend on my feet. My eyes wander in every direction soaking it all in. Nourishment for the soul, this circle of life–Nature’s way of giving back.

The Village

Section of Village on Middle Head

West Head From Boat

Couch Raft

Documenting my travels in one form or another is something I have always been drawn to. Over years, my collection of rocks, snippets of writing, journal entries, and many photographs have guided me deeper toward exploring my roots on Boston Harbor islands. It seems meaningful and timely now, with a bit of serendipity here…

*I’ve been selected for inclusion in the upcoming, Women’s Writing Workshop, to be held over ten weeks at Parker Hill Library. Elena Harap Dodd will lead the group. I met Elena this past spring at the Mission Hill/Fenway Trust Grant yearly board meeting in Boston. We were there for mutual reasons; to accept award monies for our respective Mission Hill community projects. While I was excited for my own art grant,  I was intrigued by thoughts of a writing workshop. I introduced myself at the conclusion of the meeting, and personally let Elena know of my interest. I’m thrilled to be included. As a visual artist, it will be a challenge, but one I believe will strengthen my art and be quite enjoyable. I’m a journal keeper at heart. No doubt this experience will pull out much more.

I see island memoir in my future and look forward to this new endeavor!

A little bio about Elena here:

Big Rock Color SketchMy “Big Rock”acrylic study. The view is looking toward West Head. Enjoy life wherever it takes you…

xo Robin,
Island Girl

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