The Fort Series

My latest work, The Fort Series was photographed in the summer of 2014 at Fort Warren on George’s Island in the Boston Harbor. It’s one in a cluster of Massachusetts islands–now part of the National Park System. Growing up nearby, I frequently explored the old fortress with my family, hearing legendary stories of the brave soldiers who defended our harbor. Visiting the Civil War-era fort today remains a remarkable experience. Passing through the massive granite archways–walls and corridors revealing its past–the cool touch of stone on my hand evokes this bygone era. In these photos, I wanted to capture the mystique of an important historical time that continues to live on.

Fort#4Watermark800x640Fort #4 – included in “Photography Now”, National Exhibition, Presented by Cambridge Art Association at University Place Gallery, Cambridge, Mass. March 12 – April 17, 2015. Juried by Stephen Tourlentes.

The Fort Series – other works

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