2014 and Beyond

It’s time for an update. In brief, some thoughts and highlights over the last two months…

There is a small pond I discovered a while back while mountain biking. It’s hidden off a much larger body of water known as Muddy Pond, which is actually an area more rocky than it is muddy. But Muddy is the name and its destination is a short spin away. With the lack of rain early fall, the small pond was almost empty–now the little no-name pond is vibrant and full of life. It’s a great place to collect my thoughts. Riding, walking or snowshoeing, these neighboring woods help keep me motivated in winter.


NBX Gran Prix of Cyclocross, Warwick, RI

The cyclocross season was exciting and very competitive. I stayed active through the first weekend in December. Years of tough racing can takes a toll on you, but knowing what your body is capable of and working through any setbacks are a big part of it. The mental and physical discipline of the game, skills and fitness–all necessary–but the fun factor and friendships are what keep a lot of us coming back for cross year after year. These short distance races are spectator friendly and really suit my lifestyle. I still have the passion for it and look forward to next year. Anything involving bikes makes me happy…

FirstNightIceSculptureDec 31, 2014 ~ Ringing in the new year at First Night Boston was a great idea, especially viewing the ice sculpture. The stunning array of colorful lighting gave these carefully carved works even more pop. I’ve always been attracted to ice and reflected abstractions. Beautiful work by the artists on this bright festive night in the city. Cheers 2015!

RTHHolidayShow2My art classes have also been going really well. For December, I organized a “Holiday Art Show” in the lovely gallery space on the first floor of our building. On display were paintings on canvas, three tables of mixed media, and all types of crafts. Holiday sales and big smiles all around at the gala reception. A special note of thanks to all who contributed in making this event so special. Not just the students, but the whole RTH were on hand to make the show a success. The paintings are still on display for all to enjoy.


Roxbury Tenants of Harvard (RTH) reception at “Holiday Art Show” in Boston

It’s pretty awesome to be showcasing our artwork in two galleries concurrently. “Room of Your Own” will soon travel to the Sparring Windows on Huntington Avenue in Boston after its three month debut at Parker Hill Branch Library in Mission Hill, which concluded early January. It has been one of the best community projects. I love working with people, bringing art into their lives, and experiencing the pride and joy in all they do.

Thoughts about 2014 and beyond ~ l always try to do the best I can for myself, my family and others. There will always be blue sky so I keep a bright outlook on the days that are difficult. I’ve kept a journal throughout life and will continue to do so. I tend not to make new years resolutions–just take each day as it comes. I’m thankful that my creative spirit and¬†physical well-being are healthy, because I work at it. My art is not defined by any one medium. I allow ideas to develop conceptually because I know that “something” eventually takes hold of me in one format or another.

RobNBX2My motto in life ~
If you do your very best
good things will follow.

’till the next time.

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