Patterns in nature

WinterscapeMeltingI’ve been trekking about a lot on foot during the cold months, always feeling the need to be outdoors, even on the coldest days. Documenting the landscape around me has definitely heightened my awareness of the season, in a sense changing how I feel about being in this climate. Most of the time I’m OK by it all, especially when I take the time to really explore and just have fun being out there.

In winter, we often catch sculptural and painterly images in snow formations, or interesting reflections in frozen water. These abstractions may appear as idealized mark making, rapidly stimulating our sensory. How do we feel when experiencing such wonders? What do we see?

Winterscape Self-portrait 1For myself, anything new and different in the ever changing winter landscape is much like a fresh coat of snow. For a time, it distorts my perception of cold and wet and I’m drawn toward the moment. Each passage unearths contentment and renewal along the way. Fresh adventures. Every day.

Winterscape Self-portrait 2

All images and text © Robin MacDonald-Foley

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