B&NPS RobinMy journey is open road, wherever life takes me. I thrive in city settings and love being around people, but honestly, I prefer wide open spaces. The solitude of a vast land or seascape brings clarity to my mind. I revel in the freedom of such breathtaking moments and absorb and imagine them for as long as possible. I’m often with camera, and a pencil to jot down thoughts. Traveling by foot, and especially bicycle, I can cover greater distances. Documenting my path allows me to revisit my travels at later date and continue to dream and wander along the way.

Women’s March for America

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January 21, 2017. My best friend Darlene and I attended the Women’s March for America in Boston, Massachusetts, our home state. By being present, we were two more voices among millions who came out across the country, and the world. … Continue reading

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A favorite poem

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Hello! Warm greetings in the new year 2017. I’ve been quite active of late and have let some time go by with no new posting. I’ll begin anew today, in remembrance of January 13, 1991, (26 years ago) Lithuania’s Defenders … Continue reading

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Collage Workshop

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“Interpreting Community Through Collage” Workshop participants with their collages. Parker Hill Branch Library, May 14, 2016. This past spring, I presented a collage workshop to Mission Hill area residents. There were some familiar faces, along with friends, family, and some … Continue reading

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Objects as writing prompts

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My outdoor sculpture studio is up and running. Having tools in hand prompted me to revisit one of my assignments from the Women’s Writing Workshop. It was exercise #4 – using objects as writing prompts (November 2015). Our writing coach, … Continue reading

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New work

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Unexpected arrangements in nature transform my mind’s vantage point of images first experienced through the lens of my camera. Black, white, color, texture, shapes, drama, stillness–the landscape is infinite. I try to capture abstracted forms, provoking curiosity and intrigue.

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