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“Greetings and welcome to the home of my art and writing.”

New work

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Unexpected arrangements in nature transform my mind’s vantage point of images first experienced through the lens of my camera. Black, white, color, texture, shapes, drama, stillness–the landscape is infinite. I try to capture abstracted forms, provoking curiosity and intrigue.

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Celebrate life

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My motto has been: “art, fitness, helping others.” These days that could be any order. As long as I keep a healthy outlook and strong spirit, I’m  going to find that good in whatever I do. Here’s a few thoughts … Continue reading

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People and Places 2015

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2015 was a good year for me. A big part of that was thanks to having no major medical issues. I got together with friends often and attended many events. Of importance to me over this past year was coming … Continue reading

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Between Two Oceans

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The East and West coast are both home to me: decades of memories, etched in mind as we meet, some three thousand miles between us. “Good day Pacific, what do you bring me?” Perhaps it’s just wind in my face, … Continue reading

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Family Names – Kudarauskas

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Family Names Kudarauskas My mom Ellen’s surname, Kudarouskas, is of Lithuanian descent. It was abbreviated when the first family member arrived in America sometime around 1910. Kudarauski and Kudaroski are spellings used today. My great grandfather, Martynas Kudarauskas was from … Continue reading

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